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impracticaldemon ([personal profile] impracticaldemon) wrote2016-07-22 01:46 am
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Joining Dreamwidth

Well, I like trying out new media, so here I am. Well, actually I'm here following masayume85 from tumblr.

As with everything else in my life, I will add more things here as time goes on.

Right now I waiting for two new plushie Hakuōki dolls that are winging their way here from Japan, Hijikata Toshizō (ver.1) and Saitō Hajime (ver.1). Well, okay, actually four... I also found the rasetsu versions of both of the above.

I don't watch TV or much in the way of movies, but I sometimes watch anime on my computer and I play quite a few otome video games (either on my PC (most), the PS3 (one) or PS Vita(new)).

I'm currently writing an unexpectedly lengthy fanfic called The Teachings of Demons set in the Hakuōki universe of Japan circa 1864.